V-Dub Island

Friday 11th August:

Air-Cooled Main Stage: Disco Disco ft. Damage IOW, Blonde Bombshell, The Skatonics Play Madness, Tasha as Madonna, Jodie Topp Does the 80s, Re-Wired, Hashtag, Something About Mondays and Izzii Grace & Alex James.

Saturday 12th August:

Air-Cooled Main Stage: Jakey Chan, Isle of Wight Radio All Stars, Something From Nothing, Vote Pedro, Xenna Kristian as Taylor Swift, Slombers Woke, 30Ten, Jazzy Heath and Lewis Berry Blues Band.

Sunday 13th August:

Air-Cooled Main Stage: Daft Punk’d XL, The Ed Sheeran Experience, Bruno To Mars, A Touch Of Faith (Paloma Faith Tribute Act), Olly Murs Tribute, Jess White, The Commonjets, October and Jack Nicholson.